Marine Mammals

Marine Mammals


Refer to:
Seal Rescue Ireland Website: or call 087 1955393

see Marine Wildlife Rehabilitation Pages:


Refer to:
Irish Whale and Dolphin Group Website:

Sea Turtles

Refer to:
Lynette Lewis, Cobh, Co Cork. tel: 087 6660745

0 thoughts on “Marine Mammals

  • Hi, we spotted a turtle today in St Anne’s Park at the duck Park. (S)he seemed to be OK and sitting on a branch of wood that was in the pond.. I never seen a wild one.. He, may to be checked on..

  • Margaret O'Brien says:

    I saw a swan sitting on a nest with eggs in it and we think the eggs are dead because she has been sitting there since the 31 of march and she is in lake lands in Terenure in the Terenure rugby grounds

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