Crows (Corvids)

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Road traffic accidents

Clinical signs – fractures, concussion, limb at odd angle
Diagnosis – radiography
Treatment –syptomatic. Treat concussion as for head injuries
Comments – bird with simultaneous fractures of the humerus, radius and ulna has poor prognosis



Clinical signs – mites, ticks, flat flies
Diagnosis – clinical signs
Treatment – ivermectin or fipronil
Comments – treat birds prophylactically for parasites


Clinical signs – underweight, ill thrift
Diagnosis – faecal sample
Treatment – ivermectin / doramectin
Comments – treat birds prophylactically for parasites


Clinical signs – respiratory distress especially in young birds
Diagnosis – visual identification in trachea, or in sputum or faecal samples
Treatment – ivermectin or fenbendazole
Comments –very common, especially in starlings


Nutritional deficiency

Clinical signs – white or patches of white on otherwise black feathers. These feathers are weak and break, prevent the bird from flying
Diagnosis – possibly nutritional deficiency
Treatment – wait for moulting of these feathers. Feed good diet until such time
Comments –may take up to a year. Beware imprinting


Clinical signs – both hocks fused in bent position, bird cannot walk
Diagnosis – clinical signs
Treatment – none
Comments –euthanasia