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Clinical signs –lethargic, anorexic, bloody diarrhoea
Diagnosis – process of elimination, faecal sample
Treatment – broad spectrum antibiotics e.g. enrofloxacin
Comments – zoonosis

Aspergillosis – fungal infection

Clinical signs – weight loss, emaciation, wheezing, open mouthed breathing, fluffed up, moist rales
Diagnostics – haematology may suggest chronic infection, radiography may show opacities in the airsacs, fungal plaques seen on endoscopy
Treatment –itraconazole +/- nebulisation with clotrimazole or F10 disinfectant
Comments – mainly water birds, sea birds, birds of prey, pigeons.
Clinical signs often appear too late so prophylactic treatment of high risk species recommended.
Often triggered by stress of captivity, especially when debilitated.
NEVER use straw or hay for bedding.


Road traffic accidents

Clinical signs – fractures, concussion, leg paralysis
Diagnosis – radiography
Treatment –depending on wounds sustained, often concussion; treat as for head injuries
Comments – game keepers occasionally clip top beak. Paralysis casualties should be euthanised if no recovery after a week